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Paintless Dent Repair is the process of removing dents by applying pressure with our specialized tools to the back of the panel, forcing it back to its original level making it faster and much cheaper than the conventional body repair shops.
The majority of dents that we repair are the following sizes: nickel, dime, quarter, baseball, softball, football.
There are some dents that can NOT be repaired, some examples are dents with cracked paint, sharp impact (this is due to the fact that metal can’t be stretched back after a certain level because it will ultimately cause the paint to chip off), and collision damage.

Highly recommended for hail damage
Arlington <B>Hail Damage</B>

Hail Damage

Dent Empire is ready to restore your vehicle to its pre-storm condition with our industry-leading hail damage repairs. Getting hail repair services on cars and trucks from Dent Empire is fast, and hassle-free.

Arlington <B>Door Dings</B>

Door Dings

Whether you're driving to the grocery store, work, or the doctor's office, chances are you're going to have to park your vehicle in a parking space, next to other vehicles. In the end, a door dent here and there may be inevitable but Dent Empire is here to help and at an affordable rate.

Arlington <B>Small Dents</B>

Small Dents

Dent Empire technicians safely remove dents, restoring vehicles to their original factory condition without affecting the original factory paint finish through a process called Paintless Dent Repair.

Arlington <B>Interior and Exterior Car Detail</B>

Interior and Exterior Car Detail

We provide industry leading exterior and interior maintenance and polishing services. Whether it's maintaining your new factory finish or restoring years of neglect. We share the same passion as you for our vehicles and only provide the best products and services.

Arlington <B>Clay Bar</B>

Clay Bar

Automotive Clay Bar is an engineered resin mixture that auto detailers use to remove contaminants and pollutants from the surface of your car’s paint, glass, fiberglass, and metal. Detailing clay can be natural or synthetic. However, synthetic clay bar is most common these days.

Arlington <B>Buff and Hand Wax</B>

Buff and Hand Wax

Using only our hands and years of experience, we can buff and wax your car for you. Not only will you be impressed with the time but also the end product.